Offers free and individualized psychological treatment for children and adolescents living in shelters. 


Com Tato provides young people in shelters the opportunity to establish a safe and stable relationship with a psychotherapist that helps them to cope with their personal story and to construct a life plan.

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The psychotherapists that participate in this program are volunteers that have been carefully selected by our team. They are constantly improving their practice through weekly supervision provided by professionals with ample experience in the field. Team meetings and the exchange of ideas between participating professionals occur frequently. Com Tato also organizes and leads discussion groups on topics related to the care of children and adolescents for the staff of partnered shelters.

Com Tato establishes partnerships with the shelters, but the psychotherapist’s commitment is to the patient. This means that the psychotherapy can continue even in the event that the child or adolescent is transferred to a different shelter, adopted or returns to their family of origin. The duration of the therapy is not predetermined and remains available as long as the patient desires and requires. 

Despite the emphasis on clinical therapy and an individual approach, participating psychotherapists work within a child or adolescent´s network of care, cultivating relationships with the technical staff of the shelter, the legal forums responsible for the child, and the child’s family.



Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, neglect, and abandonment are the leading causes of sheltering children and adolescents. Such traumas can generate low self-esteem, changes in sleep patterns and appetite, psychosomatic illness, depression, learning difficulties, drug use, and above all, difficulty in building new emotional bonds, crucial for the development of a healthy, autonomous self. These young people often lose the ability to dream of and build a future that breaks with this cycle of violence. Well-conducted psychotherapy with a qualified professional and for the time necessary helps these young people to understand, question, and ultimately redefine their own stories.



possess a degree in psychology

have an office in which to see patients

availability to see 2 children or adolescents on a volunteer basis

participate in a selection process

present the following documents: your curriculum vitae, a 3x4 photo and a copy of your crp

fill out the sign-up form and sign a participation contract with com tato.


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