It offers a host family service for childrens from 0 to 6 years.


Foster family is a public policy that guarantees the right to family and community life for children and adolescents separated from their original families. At Fazendo História, the service welcomes babies from 0 to 2 years in volunteer families and comes to meet a specific care to early childhood in vulnerability.

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how it happens

The host foster families receive in their homes children who need temporary shelter until they can return to their families of origin or, where this is not possible, forwarded for adoption.

Here at the Institute, the Foster Family was designed to accommodate babies. The first years of life are critical stage in the development of the child. Ensure the permanence of them in a family environment has proved a more effective strategy for the good care than the institutions. There is a Global Campaign for not institutionalization of babies which the Institute participates in active politics and also practically to propose its development in São Paulo.

If you have the desire to welcome and care for a baby for a certain time must register to better understand the details of this service and evaluate together if they can actually participate.

Foster family program go through stages of selection and qualification for entry into service and have all the support of our team for their participation.


Lara Naddeo
+55 11 30219889